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Javier Hinojosa

I’m Javier “Chubbz” Hinojosa. I have been barbering since I was 15. It all started when I got into the 1950’s. I always wanted my hair just like Elvis Presley, all pomp up and all slick on the sides. It was difficult to find a barber who knew how to do those type of hair cuts, so I took it upon myself to learn the fine art of barbering. Don’t get me wrong, in the beginning I didn’t like the fact that I would be itchy all the time. But, until I started to surround myself with rock n rollers, greasers and they would let me cut their hair, little by little I started to have the passion for it.

Furthermore I’m a man with a lot of trades. I just don’t cut hair. I am a part time musician, I play stand up bass, guitar and I sing in a rockabilly band. I’m a rookie videographer, and a dad.

My goal as your barber is to give you great service as well as a great experience.

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